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Teaching and Learning Networks

Teaching and Learning Networks (TLNs) are groups of educators who have a shared interest or passion for a topic and increase their knowledge in this area through regular informal discussions and shared experiences. These networks enable educators across McMaster to connect, develop their teaching skills, and enhance the effectiveness of student learning experiences.

The TLN program grew out of the Communities of Practice (CoP) program that the Centre for Leadership in Learning initiated in 2009. Informed by What If Grassroots Don’t Take Root?: Reflections on Cultivating Communities of Practice by Oliver & Watson (2017), the TLN program builds on CLL’s CoP program by providing increased support and structure. Now, TLNs are expected to meet 4 times in an academic year, instructor Co-Chairs are required to set annual goals to drive their collaborative professional development, and a MacPherson Institute staff member is assigned to each TLN to attend meetings and support the group’s progress towards their annual goals.

The MacPherson Institute currently supports five Teaching and Learning Networks: Level 1 Educators, Student Engagement, Incorporating Technology into your Teaching, Experiential Learning, and Accessibility and Equity. Join us!